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Balinese Boreh (110 Mins) Ex / Bath
This traditional treatment begins with a full body balinese massage to ease away any muscle tension and bring you to a state of ultimate relaxation using a medium presure combined with heated hand movement to increase blood circulation, exfoliate the skin and relieve tired muscles folloewd by a deep relaxing scalp massage to ease any tension or stress. finish your asian journey by submerging yourself deep into our nourishing milk bath.
Treatment Includes, Exfoliation (Body Brushing) / Massage (Medium Pressure) / Bath - Cleopatra Milk bath or eucalyptus Salts.

Balinese Massage (50 Mins)
Uses A Combination Of Gentle Stretches, Acupressure And Deep Strokes To Stimulate The Flow Of Blood, Oxygen And Energy Around Your Body And Bring A Sense Of Wellbeing, Calm And Deep Relaxation.
Recommended: A 30min bath in our tranquil room with lavender or eucalyptus salt to rehydrate tired muscles.

Heavanly Heels (50 Mins)
An Ancient Art Of Healing The Body And Mind. Begins With An Invigorating Foot Scrub And An Application Of Hot Towels To The Feet And Legs. Gentle Pressure Is Then Applied To Specific Points On The Feet To Establish A Healthy Flow Of Energy Within The Body And To Encourage Your Body’S Own Natural Healing System. Beautifully Relaxing, Calming.

Hot Stone Back (30 Mins)
The Heated Volcanic Basalt Stones Are Renowned For Holding In Heat So Once They Are Warmed They Become An Amazing Tool In The Treatment For Muscle Tension And Pain Relief. This Treatment Is Ideal For Anyone Who Suffers With Back Trouble, From Stiff Neck To Dull Ache In The Lower Back, Hot Stone Back Massage Is For You.
Treatment Includes, Exfoliation (Body Brushing) / Massage (Medium Pressure) / Bath - Cleopatra Milk bath or eucalyptus Salts.

Hot Stone Full (110 Mins) Ex / Bath
Hot stone massage uses soothing oils and warm basalt stones to relax your muscles allowing for a more intense all-over massage. the heat from the basalt stones relaxes your muscles giving a deeper and more effective treatment.
Recommended With A Min Bath In Our Tranquil Room With Lavender Salts To Rehydrate Those Tired Muscles.
Treatment Includes, Exfoliation (Body Brushing) / Massage (Medium Pressure) / Bath - Cleopatra Milk bath or eucalyptus Salts.

Indian Head & Back (50 Mins)
Using The Traditional Champi Method This 50 Minute Scalp, Neck, Shoulder And Back Massage Can Help Reduce Stress, Pain And Inflammation.

Indian Head (50 Mins)
this stress buster massage increases nourishment and oxygen to the scalp and hair follicle which helps stimulates hair growth. it detoxifies the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage and improves lymphatic drainage along with blood flow to the neck thus helping to remove any toxins from the body.

Pregnancy Massage (50 Mins)
massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful must have choice for prenatal care. it is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness.massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema (or swelling). pregnancy massage is a therapy to be enjoyed from the 2ndtrimester throughout your pregnancy up until your due date. -highly recommended with the cleopatra milk bath.

Full Body (50 Mins)
Using rhythmical techniques to relax the deepest tension in the gentlest way, our signature massages use a blend of essential oils to improve circulation, help oxygenate the skin and reveal a healthy glow. the mind and body are left energized, in a state of harmony.
Recommended - 30 Minute Hot Bath Soak In Lavender Or Eucalyptus Salts.

Couples Retreat (50 Mins)
Choose from one of the following 50 Minute Massage:
Drift away together and feel each and every muscle in your bodies soothed and rejuvenated, helping you to feel refreshed and relaxed. Complete your pampering experience in the Relaxation Room, let your mind and body relax while enjoying a Glass of Prosecco together in our tranquil relaxation room, Choice of still water and a selection of teas.
Supplements: Choice of refreshments!
Option to upgrade to Hot Stone Massage for a suppliment - {subject to availability}.

All of our ritual treatments are performed with the well-being of the client at heart. Our promise is to create a true get away from home experience, A Spa with soul and passionate Therapists who promise to take great care of you.
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