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New Patient - Visit Frequency

We want you to feel better and reach your goals as fast as humanly possible – for the least cost. We want to make sure you get out of pain and stay that way for the longest time possible. This means we will give you the best recommendations and treatment plan we feel will do that. Your treatment will be personalized for you.

Visit 1 - Obvious Symptoms
Visit 2 - Reporting Some Relief
Visit 3 - Feeling Better
Visit 4 - Smyptoms Gone
Visit 5 - Feeling Great
Visit 6 - Pre-compliant Optium Health
First “Check-up” - Enjoying Maintenance & Prevention.

Visit 1 - Joint Instability & Nervous Dysfunction Stabilization
Visit 2 - Inflammation Reducing
Visit 3 - Increasing Range of Motion
Visit 4 - Improving Soft Tissue Function
Visit 5 - Muscle & Ligament Reconstruction
Visit 6 - Spinal Strengthening
First “Check-up” - Optium

1. Initial intensive CARE This is usually where most patients begin their osteopathic care. Visits can be frequent, depending upon the severity of your condition. The primary focus is to reduce or eliminate your most obvious symptoms.

2. Rehabilitative CARE With your ache or pain diminished is to stabilize spinal function and promote a more complete healing. Muscles and soft tissues of the spine are strengthened during this stage of care, helping to avoid a relapse.

3. Wellness and preventative CARE (permanent correction) With the maximum restoration of spinal function many patients enjoy regular osteopathic “checkups.” This type of preventive, wellness care can save time and money by helping prevent little problems from becoming serious and relapsing in the future.

Here are some ways you can get faster relief and better results from your osteopathic care:

GET INVOLVED Get involved in your care program and follow your osteopath’s recommendations.
KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENTS The way to achieve the results millions of osteopathic patients have enjoyed is to keep your appointments. This will help to avoid any relapse of your condition.
STRENGHTEN YOUR SPINE: Your osteopath may suggest specific exercises to help speed your recovery. These can help retrain muscles that support your joints.
LIFT WITH YOUR LEGS: Improper lifting can invite a relapse. Keep your back straight and the load close to your body as you lift with your legs.
AVOID EXTREME BENDING Use caution when bending or working overhead. Avoid sudden twists and turns.
GET ADEQUATE REST. Proper rest is an important aspect of the healing process; avoid sleeping on your stomach. Avoid the soft sofa and place circular towel at the base of your spine while sitting at your desk.
WATCH YOUR DIET During the healing process proper nutrition is more important than ever, we recommend vitamin D3 and ProArgi9 plus.
ASK QUESTIONS Proper spinal/joint hygiene is new for most people. The better you understand your condition, the faster your recovery.

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